Lex Machina Acquired By LexisNexis Of The RELX Group


We are extremely excited to announce that Lex Machina has been acquired by LexisNexis of the RELX Group (NYSE:RELX)XSeed could not be happier for the management team and employees who built a company that is enabling lawyers and corporations to use data analytics to figure out how to make business decisions in ways that were previously impossible to do.

When we first invested in the company in 2012, we were impressed with the work done by the founders, Mark Lemley, George Gregory and Josh Walker, which was built on top of the world’s best Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology originally developed by Chris Manning and Andrew Ng of Stanford University.

The firm’s CEO, Josh Becker, did a spectacular job of creating a team that turned a core technology into a great set of products and also a foundational company that is transforming how lawyers make decisions on litigation across categories such as intellectual property and other commercial aspects of the law.  Working with Josh was a real joy as he grew an organization that repeatedly hit its numbers, executed strongly and provided customers with great solutions.

While we are proud of all of our companies, XSeed has a special fondness for Lex as the firm’s Vice President of Products, Karl Harris, was an XSeed Fellow prior to Lex, and Jeff Thermond served as an independent Board member at the company before joining XSeed as a Venture Partner.

A hearty congratulations to everyone on the Lex team!