Kevin Wang

EIR Emeritus

Kevin Wang is an XSeed Fellow. He is also a 2013 Thiel Fellow, where he is among the third set of young entrepreneurs to be awarded a “20 Under 20″ Thiel Fellowship to pursue innovative scientific and technical projects, to learn entrepreneurship from the ground up, and to begin to build the innovative companies of tomorrow.

Kevin has been entrepreneurial and engineering-focused since the age of nine, beginning ventures in game development and then shifting towards software and the web. He worked at TechStars and was involved in the Chicago technical scene before moving to Silicon Valley in 2012 and joining XSeed Capital. In August 2012 he began the Thiel Fellowship and worked in engineering for companies such as Cloudera.

Kevin was pursuing a Computer Science degree at UC Berkeley as a freshman before taking a leave of absence for the Thiel Fellowship. He is currently focused on big data, distributed computing and legal software technology. Kevin has been featured in Forbes, Fast Company, Chicago Tribune and other publications.