Matt Trifiro

EIR Emeritus

Matt Trifiro is the CMO at Vapor IO. He has had two stints as an Executive-in-Residence at XSeed Capital, in which he shared his marketing expertise to help businesses navigate the path from nascent startup to fully operational company.

Matt previously served as CMO of datacenter operations startup Mesosphere and cloud application platform company Heroku. Prior to Heroku he was co-founder and CEO of 1000 Markets, a user-generated marketplace platform, and SVP Marketing at, a customer support SaaS tool provider wholly owned by Salesforce. He also ran product management and customer support at Geoworks where he also helped build a PC operating system that competed against Windows.

While spending most of his career in technology, Matt also served on the national board of the Trust for Public Land and held post as Chairman for Commonweal Communities, a non-profit housing developer. Additionally, he spent five years restoring historically and architecturally significant homes in Los Angeles, Miami, Coral Gables and Palm Beach.

Matt attended UC Berkeley where he studied Philosophy, Linguistics and Rhetoric.