What We Are Thankful For At XSeed Capital

This blog was written by XSeed Partner, Damon Cronkey.

As we enter the week of Thanksgiving here in the US, the XSeed team has been reflecting on the past year and how many “That’s an amazing accomplishment”, “What the f—?!?”, “Wow, how did she/he/they do that?!” and “Take a seat and listen to what I am going to say,” moments we have all needed to digest. We are proud that the tone of our internal conversations remains positive. There is an overwhelming amount of daily news and information to digest and it isn’t just noise. We all work hard to makes sense of it. We at XSeed continue to believe that there is opportunity, regardless of how jarring some days may be. There is opportunity to make order of some chaos, there is opportunity to push through friction and faction and make progress, there is opportunity to take inventory and appreciate the value of those people and ideas that you hold so close and want to promote and progress.


We believe that as individuals, we have a responsibility to be contributors to our society. The gravity of that role is being accepted and recent voter turnout in the US mid-term election proves as much. Important to us as a firm is that we have the same duty to move our society forward. This is the most inspiring part of our role as Venture Capitalists. We have the opportunity to connect capital to ideas and help entrepreneurs realize a vision that impacts our futures.


We have investors that support our vision. We have team members that come to work every day to execute against a mission. We have entrepreneurs that trust us to be a source of advice, counsel, and support (in addition to capital) as they pursue groundbreaking ideas. We have partners that invest alongside us and support our efforts in multi-year coordination. That is a lot of people for whom we are thankful to have in our corner as we all try to move society forward in one way or another.


XSeed has 11+ years of relationships with LPs, entrepreneurs, co-investors, partners and team members that have all been critical to our success. We wake up every day appreciative of the role we get to play. So as we approach this holiday, we want to say, “Thank You,” to all that have been a part of our journey.


Happy Thanksgiving!

The XSeed Capital Team