XSeed Invests In CirroSecure, Providing Cloud-Based Data Security


In venture capital, investors strive to find entrepreneurs that are “authentic” to a market and who are also addressing a large problem. XSeed is excited to announce our recent investment in CirroSecure, a firm where we have found both great entrepreneurs and also a big opportunity that is not being adequately solved with existing solutions.

When we first met Vikrant Karvir and Nishant Doshi, we were impressed with the insights they had developed regarding the risks companies face as data is increasingly moved into the cloud. These challenges are sometimes exposed through the maliciousness of employees or outside threats, but more often, they are manifested through a lack of training or proper hygiene in the safeguarding of corporate data. With the rise of cloud-based services inside of both large and small companies, new threats to corporate data need to be handled by effective data monitoring and problem remediation that can be simply administered throughout an organization.

CirroSecure has built an unbelievably flexible security platform to cover a wide range of cloud-based services that meets the needs of both the largest enterprises and also SMBs. The speed at which the CirroSecure team has been able to engage customers and add additional cloud-based services was faster than any firm we have seen to date in this space. Vikrant’s commercial experience at Cisco, Brocade and Microsoft, and Nishant’s technical accomplishments at Symantec are the perfect foundation of an organization that we are thrilled to back.

XSeed is glad be joined by Innovation Endeavors and Karlin Ventures on our journey with CirroSecure.