XSeed Invests In Esports One, Revolutionizing the Esport Spectator Experience

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The most exciting days at XSeed are concentrated around moments when incredible entrepreneurs leverage technology to make material impacts to their worlds. This week, Esports One, the latest XSeed investment, began fully promoting the real-time computer vision analytics company that will bring customizable viewer experiences to the esports community.

We have a history of investing in technology companies that 1) innovate around data and analytics 2) are entrepreneurs that are authentic to their mission and 3) are in large and growing markets. Esports One hits all of those.

It is impossible to ignore the reach and engagement growth in the esports market. It is quickly becoming a global and main stream entertainment category, rivaling the reach of some professional sports leagues and on a vector of becoming the most consumed sports content per fan or viewer. The market is there and attracting significant attention.

Often in these situations, we look to the entrepreneur to steer the ship through a rapidly evolving market. We’re happy that Matt Gunnin is at the helm of this one. Matt has been in esports for close to a decade, passing through some of the leading and most notable esports technology players. He is both a gamer and fan of the games as well as a technologist, which led him to the vision behind Esports One –  Leveraging data and analytics to provide the best viewing experiences for the most tech centric community of entertainment and sports enthusiasts.

We couldn’t be happier to partner with Matt and the Esports One team on their mission to revolutionize the way esports content is consumed by its fans.

Read the press release at http://www.prweb.com/releases/2018/01/prweb15119359.htm