XSeed Leads Funding For DropThought


In this day of instant communication, companies are both striving for and also required to pay close attention to the feedback of their customers. Stanford spin-out DropThought was founded a little over two years ago by Karan Chadhry and Ajith Ravi to provide a solution that reduces friction when customers give feedback, integrates well with existing social media systems, and provides insights and detailed analytics of customers’ experiences.

What really caught our attention at XSeed, however, was both the ease-of-use and immediacy with which companies can take action to address customer concerns. We see DropThought as another example of the continued automation of the enterprise by using computational capabilities to enhance the way in which firms can take care of their customers, thus increasing customer commitment and profitability.

And, in the case of DropThought, given that the information they provide is both actionable and measurable, a company can know exactly how it is doing in achieving its customer service goals.

Perhaps one of the things we were most impressed with was how Karan, Ajith and the team have been maniacal in serving their initial customers so that those firms can serve their customers well.

In addition to the entire DropThought team, we are excited to be working with experienced investors who are world renowned thought-leaders like Baba Shiv, successful entrepreneurs such as Leo Joseph and experienced institutions like Peterson Ventures.

We look forward to helping DropThought build a large and successful company!