Mastering the Hardest Slide in the Pitch Deck

December 6, 2017

This article was written by XSeed Capital Partner, Jeff Thermond.

Almost half of the initial pitches we view at XSeed do not contain a Five Year Projected Financials slide. Another quarter have a forecast, but it only goes out two years. So, three quarters of the entrepreneurs we meet start out with a pitch deck missing an indispensable […]

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XSeed Invests In Narrative, A Platform Connecting Buyers And Sellers Of Data

April 17, 2017

XSeed Capital is very excited to announce our investment in Narrative, a platform that enables buyers and sellers of raw data events to come together and transact.

As more people, more companies, and more devices connect over the Internet, the engagement and interactions of those constituents creates overwhelming amounts of data. At the same time, organizations are deploying more advanced […]

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