XSeed Invests In FINDMINE, Bringing Critical Technology And Data Sets To Retailers

February 6, 2017

XSeed is very excited to announce our investment in FINDMINE, a software platform that automatically curates products and product groups for use across merchant’s ecommerce, digital marketing and in-store displays or applications. The company is bringing critical technology and new data sets to retailers, allowing them not only to apply common technical advancements across their omni-channel efforts, but simultaneously to create value […]

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An Overview Of The Bot Landscape

November 23, 2016

Are Bots Your New Best Friend?

This article was written by XSeed Capital Venture Partner, Lev Mass, and originally appeared on O’Reilly.

Bots are a growing segment of software that acts as an agent on a human’s behalf. These tasks range from ordering online, to making dinner reservations, to […]

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The Problem With Legacy Ecosystems

October 11, 2016

This article originally appeared in the Harvard Business Review and was co-authored by XSeed Capital Partner, Robert Siegel, co-founder and CEO of Box, Aaron Levie, and general manager of SAP.io, Maxwell Wessel.

As automation and digitization transform the economy, well-resourced incumbents in industry after industry are losing out to upstarts. Traditional retailers that have entered the […]

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This Is Every CEO’s Most Insidious Liability

July 29, 2016

It’s Not Even Financial

This article was written by XSeed Capital Partner, Robert Siegel, and originally appeared on Fortune.

A common challenge that many companies face at some point is the issue of too much financial debt, which when used properly can be managed as an instrument to help a company […]

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SurveyMonkey’s Damon Cronkey Joins XSeed Capital

June 20, 2016

We at XSeed have been thinking a lot about the near future – not about the deep and disruptive social and economic impacts of ongoing innovations in autonomous and semi-autonomous systems, deep learning, bots and robots, VR and AR (all areas where we have been deploying capital for some time). Rather, we’ve been thinking about where the current economic cycle is headed and XSeed’s role […]

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